Making a difference… the true meaning of the holidays

Photographer, Kenro Izu realized that one person CAN make a difference.  His dream was to save the life of a child.  To build a free children’s hospital in Cambodia.   His first thought was what can one photographer do.  The answer: A LOT!  Kenro elicited friends in the art industry, calling upon them to donate their time, money and art.  Together in the cause they established a non-profit organization Friends Without A Border, founded in 1995.  Over the years, raising enough money to build the Angkor Hospital for Children saving lives by providing healthcare to more than one million children since 1999.

My husband, photographer, Jene Youtt and I learned of Kenro’s work when we visiting Siem Reap, Cambodia in 2008 and knew that we had to do something to give back to these wonderful people.  Upon our return, I searched the web and contacted Friends Without a Border, learning that we can give more than a membership donation through our art.  Each year since, we have participated in their photo auctions.  The auction bidding on our prints has raised thousands of dollars.  This is the 4th auction that we are a part of and we will continue to give through our art.  It is truly a honor to be listed among the hundreds of artists who participate in this event and I am humbled.

Tomorrow, December 4th is the 15th annual Friends of Friends Photography auction.  The $50 admission includes a paddle number and a copy of  the auction catalog.  In this troubled economy, it is even more important to help.  Your dollars can go a long way in bringing healthcare to those in need.  Come out and lend your support.  Why just plunk down 50 bucks at a trendy NY bar for a few drinks, that same $50 can gain you entrance to an event, where you can mingle with artists, art collectors and caring, generous patrons of the arts and have a few drinks while the excitement of bidding builds.  It’s a win/ win situation.

Click here to purchase tickets 

Metropolitan Pavilion

123 West 18th Streetm  5th Floor “The Level”

6:00 – 7:00 pm  preview and cocktail reception

7:00 – 8:30 pm  live auction

All the artwork can be viewed on line:  with links to each artist’s homepage.

Or purchase this special edition print from Wendy Sacks’ Monster in the Closet series.  $500 with a tax deduction of $420.  Not only will you receive a beautiful and haunting piece of art, but a tax deduction as well and the proceeds will benefit the poor children of Siem Reap and outlying areas.

Picture 11

You too can make a difference.


Mary Durante Youtt


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