A must see exhibit at MoMa thru Monday 1/21

Yesterday Jene & I spent nearly an hour watching the slow, dramatic movements of Eiko and Koma’s Caravan Project at MoMa.   The strength and endurance of these performers are amazing.  The performance runs all day (see museum hours) in the Agnes Gund Garden Lobby, first floor.

Picture 26

Eiko and Koma have been performing together since 1972 and Jene happened upon them a number of years ago I think at City Center.  So when he spotted the advertisement in the NY Times for MoMa, we jumped at the chance.  Their choreography is similar to Japanese butoh and Kazuo Ohno was where they drew some of their inspiration from.

My first impression was that of an aging decaying process which then lead me to feel it was also about birth.  Like any art form, each viewer draws something different from the experience.


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