Dance, dance, dance

Wednesday night Jene and I went to BAM – Peter Jay Sharp Building,  Howard Gilman Opera House



Trisha Brown Dance Company Jan 30 – Feb 2.  Modern dance is so much about movement and Brown’s choreography is all about that.  Dance void of music pinpoints your focus totally on the dancers and Trisha makes good use of this genre.  But it wasn’t all soundless.  The first of this ecletic repetory. “Les Yeux et l’ame reminded me of  “minuet meets modern”.  The lively classic music was playful and the performers were in continuous contact with their partners – bending, twisting, extending limbs.  The point of contact made me think of the balancing point of a see-saw using each other.

I am not dance critic, just an appreciator of the arts,  Jene spent his early career years in theater, working and learning from some very talented lighting designers, so dance and dancers have held a special place in his heart and art.  His lighting background is apparent in his photography.  And we follow the careers of some of  his past dance models and companies.  We catch Limon Company performances when they come to town and he gets to chat afterward with Carla Maxwell and some of the dancers he lit in days gone by.

Today –  at noon  New Dance Exploration, Carrie Ellmore-Tallitsch will be performing at the 92nd Street Y and it’s FREE.  Carrie was part of a dance company that Jene photographed years ago and one of my favorite images came from that rehearsal.

Juan Michael Porter II is another one of his dance models that we follow.  Juan Michael will be performing Feb 12th.  This premier of his new piece “Tales of KojikiL Redux” at Dixon Place.  We always try to support the arts and the artists.  Tickets are $12 on line and $15 at the door ($10 seniors and students)

Dixon Place – 161A Chrystie Street, between Rivington and Delancey.

© Jene Youtt Photography

© Jene Youtt Photography


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