The Moving Beauty Dance series

April 15th is not just tax day, it’s the day that a dance series kicks off. So if you are looking for something to lift your spirits I’m sure you’ll be in for a treat. Admission is $15. 3 dance programs per night.

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beginning next week on 4/15/13 through 4/21/13 at the Secret Theater i have the pleasure of working with a friend/dancer who is producing this week. my part of this is designing the lighting and what ever else is needed to make this successful.


that’s Juan Michael Porter with a bag over his head. yes in the subway he’s always pushing the limits. that’s one of the reasons why i like him. this should be an interesting week with 18 different companies on the bill, three each night a culture cross section of small dance companies in the city. wow.

who would want to miss this? all week i’ve been contacted by the various companies asking about the lighting plot while they share with links to their work. one of them is Yoshito Sakuraba Artistic Director/   just saying they are open to interpretation. others have different needs. i am…

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