2 Artists in the Kitchen – Hells Kitchen that is

The 5th Annual Artist in the Kitchen Studio & Art Tour takes place throughout Hells Kitchen – May 17-19th.  Hubby, Jene Youtt has been participating for a few years and this is my first time.  The self-guided walking tour takes you to studios, galleries, local restaurants and venues from West 34th Street to West 60th Street, between Seventh and Tenth Avenues.

A few of my photography images are being exhibited at Basmati Restaurant  764 Ninth Avenue (btw. 51st and 52nd St)  When I previewed the facility, the owner greeted me with a warm smile and was pleased with my selection of images from my “objects of interest” body of works.  The dynamic colors compliment the spice colored walls.  Check out the restaurant, have a bite to eat and take a look around and by all means, feel free to purchase a 20×24″ framed print.  The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner serving Indian Cuisine.  Basmati is fairly new to the block although they have another place a few blocks up called Aaheli.

I can’t remember the last time I had Indian cuisine, but while we were hanging my prints, a lunch time customer was complimenting the chef on the soup.  Just the right blend of curry and spices.   Good to know.

Jene has several of his prints exhibiting at Braai – 329 West 51st St (btw 8th & 9th Ave.).  The South-African Cuisine and Wine bar is open at 11:00am Tuesday through Sunday.  The manager loves the work that Jene is exhibiting and thinks it adds much needed splashes of color to the white painted brick walls.  In the past, I had noted that the decor was similar to Xai Xai on the same street just a number of doors closer to 9th Ave.  I came to learn it’s their sister South African winebar.  No wonder they had the same parchment paper wrapped pillar candles on the table.  Both places have always piqued my interest as I rushed past with a bag of groceries, now we will have to try them out for ourselves.

With the art pieces hung, one would think all we have to do is sit back and wait for the weekend of May 17-19th but there’s this blog to write and brochures to print.  I put on my design hat and made a single fold brochure of my work and a Z-fold for Jene.  I enjoy designing and manage pretty well with the knowledge I gleaned from designers that I worked with (watching over their shoulders as they tweaked and finessed their creations into perfection.  Okay, maybe my designs are far from perfect but they suit the need and I work for free. (for us).

Picture 6 Picture 8

Anyway, it keeps me out of trouble and away from the shopping malls.

Mark you calendars, take a stroll around the diverse neighborhood of Hells Kitchen, grab a bite to eat and maybe, just maybe you will find that perfect piece of art to decorate your place.  Support art – and small businesses.   Buying art says so much about yourself as well as the artist not to mention it can brighten up a room.  Makes wonderful gifts too.

Take a look at more of my images on my site:  mdyoutt.com    All are reasonably priced and available in various sizes.


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