This weekend in the big apple

The 40th Annual 9th Avenue International Food Festival coincides with the 5th Annual Artists in the Kitchen Studio and Art Tour.

Join in on all the fun and festivities, not to mention getting a look at some of Hell’s Kitchen’s finest artists and chowing down on the international cuisines.

A few of my pieces are being exhibited at Basmati Restaurant  – 764 Ninth Avenue (btw. 51st and 52nd St) Choosing images to suit a venue can be difficult but I decided on hanging images from my objects of interest body or work.   I’ve captured the images on walks.  Little things that capture my eye and become somewhat of an abstract view of things most people would not stop to explore.  I love rusty objects… there’s a beauty in an object that is long past it prime.   Maybe it’s my love of antiquity that beckons me, or that fact that in this countries culture, we don’t always value that which is old.  I also like the way the elements alter things, the curls of peeling paint; the new patina that coats metal.   With people, the wrinkles don’t diminish the laughter in the eyes, or the opposite where hardship, pain and sorrow come to light.  Showing it’s age, function, strength and fragility simultaneously draws me in.

rust and blue

© Mary Durante Youtt

Jene Youtt’s photography will be exhibiting at Braai, a South African Restaurant and wine bar (329 West 51st St – btw 8th and 9th Avenues).  Stop in for their Social Lunch specials  $12.95.

Enjoy your weekend –  wander the streets of NYC.



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