Silver lining…

This week, I assisted my husband, photographer, Jene Youtt with a photoshoot.  He was shooting a woman who came with a concept of her own… “the gift”.  She sent sketches of her coming out of a box, enveloped in bubble wrap.  She brought a 12″ roll of the stuff and unless she wanted to be wrapped like a mummy, we couldn’t figure out how to turn her concept into reality.  It just wasn’t going to give her the effect she was looking for (she didn’t bring a box).  Jene of course had an idea of his own.  The model got it and donned some silver body paint instead and we covered her is a sheet of silver mylar.  The effect Jene was going for was that the silver was wearing off and her flesh was emerging.

Jene used 2 strobes to light her and asked if I wanted to shoot along but I have this thing about not getting in his way so I opted to wait until he was done.  I didn’t want to trigger the strobes and him have to wait  mili-seconds for them to re-fire and risk him missing “the” shot.

The silver lining part comes into play.  My turn… I click the shutter and look at the image – hmmmmm that’s odd – looks like only one strobe worked.  Check the plug, try again.  same thing.  Only the gridded softbox flashed.  I thought about using a bounce card which would have helped but Jene wanted to shoot her in the shower with the silver running down her face and neck and I didn’t time to look for one.  Oh well,  I’ll just work with that.  One light, a few quick shots to fill the time while Jene set up in the bathroom.

Here are a few of my favorites…







Things don’t always go as planned… but it doesn’t mean that it has to turn out bad… just different.  The shoot wasn’t the concept that the model came with, it wasn’t what Jene had planned either and certainly having a strobe fail on me wasn’t what I hoped but being creative sometimes means working with what is available to you at the moment and having a little fun along the way.

She is building her portfolio, liked working with us, wants to shoot with us again.  So all’s well that ends well.




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2 responses to “Silver lining…

  1. you always capture something of your own eye in your work, congrats

  2. Thanks… That’s the beauty of photography. It shows something on both sides of the lens.

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