My head is going to explode….

I am both amazed and appalled at the length that the NRA reaches into our lives.  They are blocking the approval of the Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy nomination because of his views on gun control.  Really people!!!!!!!  WTF.  If any official votes for this candidate, the NRA will lower their rating (meaning the official seeking re-election will not be held in their good standing = less funds)  Who the heck is running this country, – who’s welfare is at stake.  The NRA has gained substantial control over our government – especially in recent years.   I am SICK and TIRED of this F-ing nonsense and you should be too.  And what does the Surgeon General have to do with – the health and welfare of people and nothing to do with guns.  They don’t like his opinion or view and therefore will force Democrats as well as Republicans to vote against him in order to insure NRA funds will make it into their kitty.

One failed shoe bomb attempt and we all have to take our shoes off and go through X-rays machines at the airports and yet, guns in the hands of the wrong person can wipe out the lives of 26 people in the matter of a few moments and NOTHING has changed.

Gun control – getting a drivers license is more difficult than getting a permit to carry assault weapons.  I don’t think the average home owner or hunter needs an AK-40 to protect themselves or fall a dear or rabbit to feed their families.  Nor do they need an arsenal larger than that of our military.   How many rounds of ammo is needed for a hunting trip.  Where’s the sport in that.  If you can’t hit an animal with a few bullets, maybe you should learn how to aim first.

We need change…  in my humble opinion, each person seeking any government office as an elected official should be given an equal amount of funds for a campaign.  PERIOD!  If they cannot run a successful campaign on a given amount of money how do we expect them to keep to a governmental budget.  Let them get a little creative in their campaign spending.  The news should be giving us all the information on their voting history.  What bills they passed or didn’t and why.  Let them tell me that the reason they voted against a much needed bill was because of other bills that were attached to that vote.  That is news worthy, and should be plastered on the front pages rather than the fact that 30 years ago, he/she tried or smoked pot.

I’m sorry, this entry has nothing to do with art unless you think of it as the art of living.  Get the NRA out of our politics.

Write to your congressman/woman, or senator and voice your opinion.  Yes, we have the right to bear arms but we certainly don’t have a better quality of life due to our personal arsenal.

And while I am on the subject, get politicians out of my vagina.  Those who are trying to throw this country backwards should not be in office.  I would rather see federally funded health care pay for an abortion of an unwanted child then to pay welfare benefits to the mother and child for upteen years.  Or worse yet, an unstable woman do harm to her unwanted child.  Just makes more financial sense to me if that is what the woman chooses to do.  But more than a financial issue the government should NOT be telling any woman what is right for them.  I don’t believe in pushing my morals or beliefs onto anyone.  I respect everyone’s faith or lack of it – that is their choice.


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