In over my head – underwater photography

Last summer I bought a GoPro because my husband and I were taking the two teen granddaughters to Hawaii for vacation.  That’s when I thought it would be fun to shoot underwater nudes or fashion… (Not that I was thinking of shooting them nude)

The cost of underwater housing for my Canon Mark II 5D is more than I could afford on a whim.  So I bought a Polaroid underwater housing for my husband’s Canon G12.  The camera is decent and the asking price of the case $99 was doable.  I read the reviews for the case and people were pretty happy with theirs.

Earlier this week I enticed my niece to be my model, she had a day free and the weather looked as if it would cooperate.  My friend was gracious enough to let me use her pool for my experiment.

Let me just say, it was harder than it looked in some professional photographers video tutorials that I watched.

The sun played hide and seek amongst the clouds, I set the ISO at 200 as suggested, the aperture at 5.6 and the mode to underwater. You can’t view any of the settings on the G-12 once it’s locked into the waterproof housing.  I couldn’t see very clearly through the view finder, so I was pretty much shooting blindly.   I couldn’t even hear the click of the shutter and half the time wasn’t even sure if I was snapping away.

I took a deep breath and thought what’s the worse that can happen – I get no usable images.  It’s a warm summer day and we have the pool to ourselves.


IMG_6161 IMG_6171 copy IMG_6176 copy IMG_6178

Holding the camera steady and keeping myself from moving was problematic.  (Hmmmm where did I put those cement boots).

These are 5 of my favorite images from the hour session.   I can’t wait to dive in and try again.

We had fun, my niece loved the images, and I’m trying something new.  No mermaids were harmed and no photographers died in the making of this film.


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  1. nice images well worth an afternoon in the pool

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