Dive right in, the water’s fine…

Lining up models isn’t as easy as it looks.  I posted on Craig’s list for underwater model TFP.  Got a reply almost immediately and was thrilled.  New to modeling, not a problem said I.  Then nothing.  I hope that I didn’t insult her by stating that the two gowns that I bought may not fit her curves and that I would fashion something out of chiffon or silk material that I have.  I emailed her twice, still nothing.  Oh well.

Another gal found my casting call and was so excited.  She’s always wanted to do an underwater shoot.  We are trying to schedule but she has a day job, I have a life and the weather plays a big part.  Such is the life of an artist.  Responses have been coming in.    My husband, photographer Jene Youtt, posted a casting call on his Model Mayhem site and a pregnant model responded.  She had done an underwater shoot years ago and was up for it along with her non-model husband.

Sunday was scheduled, the weather was cooperating, so off to my friend’s pool for some splashing and shooting.

I submerged a black cloth as a backdrop and got the props ready.  Mirka slipped into a blue-ish purple gown with black lace overlay that I purchased second hand for this purpose.  She told me she was nervous, maybe because she hadn’t done this in years and is pregnant but she was so excited about doing the shoot so we plunged into the deep end.






Mirka and Mark loved the underwater kissing part and Mirka seemed a tad more at ease enveloped in his arms.


IMG_6229 copy

Time for a sort break and costume change.  28 weeks pregnant and glowing.

IMG_6236 copy copy

Jene spent most of his time on the diving board with outstretched hands for them to hold onto when they came up for air.

Then he shot some video with the GoPro 3 and we saw that Mirka was not as relaxed as she probably is when her feet are firmly planted on solid ground.   But she was a real trooper and so eager for the shoot that we continued with another costume change and break.



All in all, it was a successful underwater photo shoot on a 90+ degree August afternoon.   I hope to shoot the couple in a dry studio for some more “bump” (maternity) images in the near future.

We are looking to do more underwater shoots with models as our window of opportunity is closing fast as summer comes to an end.

This is a learning experience for me and for the models.  And learning is never a bad thing.





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