One last dip in the pool

Summer ended but I managed to squeeze in one more underwater shoot on the 1st day of fall.  The cool morning gave way to 80 degree temperatures, the solar cover on the pool helped.  My model, Lillian, was willing to take the plunge with me.  Several times during the summer, we scheduled a shoot but work got in the way.  She thought I would give up on her but her enthusiasm kept me reaching out.  And I’m so glad that I didn’t give up on her.

IMG_6700 copy


IMG_6708 copy copy

IMG_6714 copy copy

IMG_6750 copy copy

IMG_6756 copy copy

IMG_6758 copy copy

IMG_6759 copy copy

IMG_6760 copy copy

IMG_6761 copy copy

IMG_6763 copy copy

IMG_6769 copy copy

IMG_6779 copy copy

IMG_6787 copy copy

Lillian has a demanding day job and is a circus performer by night and weekend.  A lovely, interesting woman who is keeping her dreams alive…

This may have been my last underwater session of the year but it won’t be my last.  Thank you to all my models for collaborating on my project, to my dear friend Arline for the unlimited use of her pool.  Without them, I certainly could not have done it.



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  1. congrats some very nice pictures here. nice way to end summer.

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