Painting nudes (18+)

I joined another model/photographer website – Model Mayhem… in hopes of working on project collaborations with models and make-up artists (MUAs).

Some of the models are very professional (and by that I mean, when they agree to a shoot, they actually show up ready to shoot).  Or they are flakes: confirm, text or email back and forth and then are no-shows.  I booked a shoot for Sunday and another one with two models and a MUA for Tuesday

Ara, the MUA I used for the bathtub shoot was available for Sunday,  I sent her and the model, Pixie, swipe images of what I wanted to create but not copy.  I also sent Ara a photo of Pixie so that she could get an idea of her facial structure.  Pixie arrived first and we talked about the shoot while we waited for Ara.  While they were in the bedroom, playing with a color palette, Jene and I transformed the living room into a studio.  He already had the lights set up and had moved the area rug, coffee table and dining chairs out of the way.  He stood the couch on end and slid it out of the way.  We unrolled the black 9′ no-seam paper and taped it down on the floor.  Both Pixie and Ara had wondered how we were going to shoot in that room.

We had 3 make-up changes.  The make-up took about 40 minutes to apply and I shot for about 15-20 minutes each time.  Of course there was a lot of chatting and a few laughs.©IMG_2527


After Pixie showered off the gold metallic body paint, Ara applied fresh foundation and eye make-up and pastel brush stokes.

©IMG_2621 copy copy copy


I didn’t know you were going to paint “ME” – literally!!!!!!


The last was a demure makeup look to suit the mood.©IMG_2721©IMG_2731

I have nothing to show for my Tuesday shoot because one model called me an hour before the session to cancel.  Something came up and the other was a no show.  The MUA arrived on time and we waited for an hour.  I tried to contact the model but got no response.   It happens… some people only value their time and not someone else’s.  I hope to work with the MUA with someone who takes her work seriously, even if it’s a collaboration TF and not a paid gig.


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