Biting off more than I can chew…

Some may think so… but only time will tell.  Hopefully my organizational skills won’t fail me now.

I came up with a concept called “Misfits – all dressed up with no place to go” and put out a casting call on my Model Mayhem site in December.  I was looking to shoot a couple of models using the talents of MUAs and hairstylists.  The response was overwhelming.  So many interested fashion models as well as MUAs and hairstylists.  I decided to elicit the skills of several women.  With the thought that as the date neared, many would drop off the face of the earth.  10 models remained…

I search for swipe on the internet, in magazines & newspapers.  Found hair styles and make up that would suit the feel, sent out mood boards that would be a visual aid to all involved.

I set up a date for wardrobe fittings, 1 model was away on holiday with family and couldn’t make it but sent most recent photos and dress size so that I could reserve a gown that would suit her. Another texted me early in the day saying that she was headed to the ER with a bout of food poisoning (I’ll check on her health and see if she is still available). One I didn’t get a confirmation from and the 4th one was a no-show.   6 models showed up.

I sent head and body shots of the models in the gowns I choose to the 3 MUAs and 2 hairstylists.  B, a hairstylist may have a problem with the shoot date of the 11th, so I might be down to 1.  I worked with one of the MUAs before and met another who came to a shoot that never happened.   My shoots are a collaboration, no money will exchange hands, but networking and photos to add to everyones portfolios is what we garner.

I am trying to handle everything, there’s a good reason that commercial photographers have production people as part of their team.  Someone to handle all the logistics, schedules and whatever else comes up.  I’m even preparing a vegan and non vegan soup, salad and baking a cake which will first be a prop and then dessert.  But I have had a lifetime of multitasking and am more excited in an anxious kind of way then I am nervous about being able to pull this off.

Everything will fall into place.  My photographer husband, Jene will assist me with lighting and he’s good at keeping things moving along.   He suggested that I tell the MUAs and hair stylist how much time will be allotted per model.   Since that will take 3/4 of the shoot time.  Yesterday we spent the day prepping, adding soft boxes to the strobes.  Moving things around because I bought a pulley system for his 9 foot noseam backdrops will make it easier to raise and lower the rolls of paper.  We added that to his ceiling grid system.

I’m not a fashion photographer, just one who loves to venture into  different arenas.  Who knows where it will lead – maybe no where but I would love to work with some young designers or stylists and maybe adding more fashion images  to my portfolio will open that door for me.


What the heck, it will be fun.

More to come after the shoot…



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