Full house…

Monday was my mega 1/2 day photoshoot.  Misfits – all dressed up and no place to go. The gist of the shoot is that they were stood up on a big night out, so they start doing laundry, bring a bag of trash out, roll up the rug – sweep the floor, blow out her BD cake candles and eats it by herself because no on came to her party.   Everyone thought it would be a fun project and so the collaborating teams formed.  What they would get also would be glamour/beauty head shots for their portfolios.

4 models showed up, 2 no-shows.  Oh well, it’s probably better.   2 MUAs and 2 hairstylists arrived on time at 12:30, the models straggled in 1/2  hour late (trains issues).  The 3rd MUA was schedule to arrive at 2.

Olga (model) teamed up with Lea (hair) and Kathy (MUA).  Olga donned the red shimmery gown.

She was the first on set. With laundry basket in hand, we shot in the hall, basement then on set.

IMG_2948-2 copy

IMG_2916 copy copy


IMG_2965 copy copy


Olga asked if she could also wear the black gown, sure- why not.  Lea whipped up another hair-do and Kathy did a quick change on her eyes and lips.

IMG_3210 copy copy

IMG_3241 copy1


I spent yesterday and this morning editing through all the wonderful images I captured of Olga.   Now onto Lisette’s.




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