One down, 3 models to go…

One of the things I love about creating is meeting other artists in a collaboration.  The concept comes to fruition with their help.

Lisette’s long naturally curly hair was braided and twisted around her head by Erik and Diana did her eyes in a striking fashion.  Lisette wore the pale pink shimmery Jessica McLintock gown.  In the full body images, the colors were not as prominent on Lisette’s skin tone as Diana or I envisioned, because of the time constraints, we couldn’t go back and red0 so we shot.  But in the close-ups, the palette of colors was prevalent.   Lisette grabbed the trash bag and headed into the hall.

IMG_3012 copy copy




IMG_3052 copy copy

IMG_3097 copy copy

IMG_3079 copy copy

Shooting 4 models in one session was a tad ambitious for me.  Having talented hair and make-up artists working quickly made it happen.  Installing a pulley system for the backdrops enabled me to raise and lower the paper in a flash.

To be continued…



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