Charlene had her afro fluffed and clipped down on one side by LeaKathy gave her soft demure makeup.  Charlene wore an orange, white and black gown.  With the rug rolled up, she swept her blues away.  Feeling a little bit like Cinderella.

IMG_3132 copy copyIMG_3141 copy copyIMG_3151IMG_3155 copy copyIMG_3161 copy copyIMG_3160 copy copyIMG_3165 copy copyIMG_3178 copy copyIMG_3163 copy

Charlene traveled by mass transit from Rhode Island to NYC for my wardrobe fitting and for the shoot.  She makes this trek just about weekly to pursue her career in modeling.  She is determined to make it in a competitive industry that can eat you up and spit you out in a flash.  Sweet, charming and professional are her credentials.  I hope she makes it in the world of modeling.  She was a pleasure to work with and hopefully we can collaborate again in the future.





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