Old Hollywood, film noir photography

Trying to replicate the lighting techniques and tonal values of film used by the famous Hollywood studio photographers of years gone by, will take a lot of practice and time.   The stars and starlets are flawless.  Yesterday, I shot with a model, Kimber, who was willing to spend some time with me in my meager attempt.

Old Hollywood

I’m sure if I had the funds to hire a retoucher, I could come closer to the beautiful skin tones.  My lighting setup is no where near what Hollywood photographers had at their disposal.  I used 1 small Lowell Omni, an Impact hot light and a small soft box for the images of Kimber on my loveseat. (Since I was planning of converting the images to B&W I wasn’t as concerned with the different temperatures).

IMG_3484 B&W


IMG_3504 copy copy




IMG_3577 copy 2

Then we moved into my studio and Kim did another wardrobe change with the use of 1 hot light and a bounce card.   It’s a tad overexposed  but I love the subtle, soft, contemplative mood.IMG_3600


Having fun and doing what I love.  Life is good.


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