Getting dirty…

Remember how much fun you had as a child playing in mud…

Yesterday I had a photoshoot.  My concept was “living sculptures”.  The vision:  Dry cracked mud mask that would look like the model was breaking out of clay becoming human.  I wanted vibrant eye make-up applied to one eye as the POP of color and focal point.  I put out a casting call for models and an MUA.  One very interested model and MUA, a few texts back a forth.  The model took days to respond but always said she was sill interested.  The MUA responded quickly loving the idea and the mood board that I sent her so she could visualize the look I wanted.  I was a tad apprehensive about the model so I booked another one that I worked with before as a back-up because I didn’t want to waste the MUA’s time.  But mainly because I really wanted to shoot with her again.

Bresafe arrived on time.  We chatted for half an hour while waiting for the MUA.  Her beauty was stunning.  Bresafe is only 21 but with the confidence and poise of a much more experienced model.  A pleasure to work with.

The make-up was an integral part of the creative concept so I had to go to plan B.  Hmmmm, except I really didn’t have a plan B.  The mud mask didn’t give me the overall cracked effect of what I had in mind.  Maybe I should have gone to Blick’s art supply and purchase clay (like my husband suggested), but I didn’t want to dry out my models’ skin.


"Living Sculpture"

“Living Sculpture”


IMG_3698 copy copy


If I were adept at photoshop, I could create a cracked look and maybe I will revisit the images and play around.  A very talented retoucher could even apply colors that would look like eye make-up but since this is not a commercially funded shoot, I probably couldn’t afford the cost.

While Bresafe showered off her mud, Kimber rang the bell.


KimberIMG_3769 copy copy


IMG_3809 copy copy



The last image of Kimber is one of my favorites, but then again I really love the first one too.

It’s so nice to find models who love my twist on things.  (Not like I’m the first to do “mud”, I certainly am not recreating the wheel).  But I want to push myself to do something different, it’s a learning experience.

Kimber’s friend said “MUD!!!!” when she told them about the shoot.  I will try this again – after I figure out what product will actually do what I have in mind.

Even though it wasn’t exactly what I was looking to create, I think the session was a success.






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  1. Do a google search for mud sculpture images will give you ideas.

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