Spring: love is in the air

A week ago Sunday I did a baby bump photoshoot with a make-up artist that I have worked with.   She loved the spandex and cloth images that are on my website and wanted to do a shoot with her husband.  Ara had modeled in the past and was completely at ease in front of the camera.  Her husband said he felt a little uncomfortable but by the time Jene and I transformed the living room into a studio, he lost his inhibitions.   My direction to him was to just hold his wife in a loving way and forget that we are on set.  Basically to ignore the girl behind the lens.

IMG_4019 copy copy

What I try to capture is the love that they share.  This is the most beautiful time in a woman’s life.  Her belly swells as their baby grows.  His pride swells at the mere thought of the life they are creating.  He is her best friend, her lover, her husband, her protector.



IMG_4133 copy





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