Summer is just around the corner…

Although with the temps far from being seasonable, it’s hard to image that summer is coming.  However, I am in the planning stages for my  underwater photography project.

I have a few models, both male and female waiting to begin.  I also hope to work with a couple of interested clothing designers from Model Mayhem.  This is a collaborative effort and for me an exciting one because I have not worked with any designers.  Next week I will meet with designer, Maria Teresa Pena,  at Laria Studio  in Manhattan to work out the details of a gown she will create specifically for an underwater shoot.

The models that seem to still be interested have received style/mood boards and a copy of my model release for them to review.   I had equal number of males interested as females and will do some coupling.


Last year I shot a few underwater sessions and learned a few things.  I found that using a tripod helps, I even bought a divers weight belt to keep me from floating up too quickly as I tried to click the shutter.  I’ve poured over the works of other underwater photographers and although my production is one of a limited budget (no $$$$), that I can capture some intriguing images.

This year I might buy a mask and snorkel so that I can be submerged well before the model sinks down into her/his pose.  This year, most my models have some underwater experience.  I’ve casted for dancers and performers because their movements are more flexible, fluid plus they are aware of pointing their feet and of graceful extensions of arms and hands.


IMG_6714 copy copy

I have learned to have the model simulate the pose above water first giving them a better feel for what I want to capture.  Sometimes that requires that I demonstrate.


IMG_6580 copy copy copy

©ROSE 2015

© SaraIMG_6328 copy copy copy



It’s a lot harder than it sounds.   Especially without the additional production staff, lights, better equipment and funding.

But I love it!  Shooting underwater has an quiet intimacy with the juxtaposition of serenity and chaos between the world under and above which is felt when the refraction is captured.

So here’s to a summer full of shooting.


gurgle, gurgle





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