Getting back in the water…

I was hoping to start my underwater photography project before we went to Italy but couldn’t manage to get it together.  Oh well.

Yesterday I shot with the lovely Zthebug, a model that I’ve wanted to shoot with for a while.  I love what I do and she does too.

IMG_7126IMG_7136IMG_7142 copyIMG_7145 copy

The day before the model was shooting barefoot on a rooftop in NY, this shoot had to be a thousand times better.  We both enjoyed the experience: 90+ degrees, full July sun and the perfect water temperature making it easy to submerge your body into the cool blue waters.  Ahhhhhhhhh.

A big shout out to my friend Arline, for supplying the pool and yard for my artistic endeavors.

Here’s to more sunny days.




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  1. Well you are off to a very nice start, keep it up…….

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