A mermaid in the making…

Yesterday, I had another underwater photoshoot, this time with a petite dancer/model that I met through Model Mayhem.  Although Charlotte had underwater listed as one of her genres, she had never done one before.  That is true of a lot of the models, they list things that interest them and so I took a chance with this lovely little redhead.

What the heck, the shoot was a collaboration, I supply the pool (thanks Arline), lunch, sunscreen, towels, robes and gowns, time and effort.  They supply their time and effort too and Charlotte quickly discovered that underwater modeling is more challenging then she expected.

She wan’t comfortable in the deep end of the pool so I moved the blue backdrop to the 4′ end.  Getting a breathing technique and timing down pat was the first issue she came upon.  She had worn her contacts and didn’t bring the cleaner or case with her so she wore them underwater.  There’s a lot to focus on as a model.  But we got a few really good shots and managed to have some fun while working.  Although the chlorine bothered her eyes a bit, she didn’t complain or let that stop her from doing her best.

Here are a few of my favorites:IMG_7151

Even though her hair fell upon her face, I really like the feel of the image above.

IMG_7162 copy copy

IMG_7161 copy copy

A wardrobe change with time to warm up in between.

IMG_7173 copy copy

IMG_7177 copy copy

I’m still going through more images, but wanted to get these images posted and out to her because my weekend is full of more fun things.

Another shoot tonight – my first attempt at underwater night photography.  Can wait to see how things turn out.


Mary Durante Youtt


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