The most beautiful creatures…

can be found in the depths of the waters beneath us.

Yesterday was what I fear to be my final underwater photoshoot of the season.  The weather and water are turning cooler.   My models let out shiver sounds as they dipped their bodies into the chill.  Yes, I do the same but have more layers of fat to keep me warm then either Caitie or Lillian.  Once submerge and moving around, their bodies get used to the temperature as go to work.

The season was too brief – home renovations that should have been completed by May crept into July and a 2 week holiday in Italy pushed my start date to the end of July.  Oh well, life happens and I am not complaining,  just stating a fact.

Lillian’s first underwater shoot was last year about this time and she remembered that the water was even colder then.



I met Caitie at last Saturday’s fashion shoot and she was willing to give it a try.   You would never know that she didn’t have underwater experience.  She is beautiful, poised, graceful and so much fun to photograph.



We could feel the drops of rain beneath the surface.  Pelts of water as the sky had quickly darkened and opened up.   A downpour that pretty much ended our session.   Lillian and Cyre (who stopped by to help as a stylist) gathered up as much as they could and stashed things under the patio umbrellas.



The sun tried breaking through but when the thunder began to roll,  we retreated to Arlene’s sun room, knowing that our work was done for the day.

Still not sure how I can justify this as work… more like a midday pool party with some fun-loving ladies and a camera.

Mary Durante Youtt




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