Sometimes all it takes is one shot…

Last week I played the role of Jene’s photo assistant.  He was shooting a Spanish flamengo dancer.  Of course “Carmen” came to mind.  Beatrix brought a few costumes and I helped set and reset the lighting so that Jene could concentrate on shooting.  His strobes were acting odd, not firing at every shutter click.   Although he invited me to shoot along side him, I really wasn’t terribly interested or inspired by the look the dancer wanted for a dance school brochure.   She struck and held dance poses.

If it were my shoot, I would have had her swirling around (which is normally what Jene would do if he was directing the shoot but he was trying to give Beatrix what she was looking to capture).   After every group of poses, Jene would pop the card into the computer and she would address the position of her hands or feet and strike the pose again.

I picked up my camera once, set it on bulb and clicked off a single shot.  (there was one modeling light on at the time).


A hand held fuzzy picture,  I like the ethereal feel of it.

Soon she will be heading back to Spain.  Hopefully happy with the images for her brochure.  (She said she loved them all).  This one of mine she has not seen.


Mary Durante Youtt



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