Femmebot fashion show

I’ve only done one other runway fashion shoot for the ArtInMotion charity event held in a club in the city.   Ford Model, Monica Watkin’s charity benefiting a Haitian orphanage .  There were numerous designers and dozens of photographers.  The photographers were crammed onto the tiny stage in a club environment.   Trying not to elbow each other was a challenge.  The front row of shutter pushers were crouched down under the lenses of the photographers behind us.  The designers had some terrific creations and the models strutted their stuff.


A text from HMUA, Nicole Pigott asked if I was available for a fashion shoot the next day.   The scheduled photographer had gotten a paid gig and apologized for the short notice, but $$$ takes precedence, because we all have bills to pay.    A quick look at my calendar, yup!  I met and worked with Nicole on a fashion shoot when model, Kimber DG needed me for  House of Sadia‘s  2017 spring line fashion shoot.   That’s also where I met model Caitie one of the runway models for this shoot.


Femmebot  hosted a fashion show at  Ave ~ Clifton, NJ, on October 20th. 


I had no idea what the venue looked like, how the runway would be lit, how many models or photographers would be there until I arrived.  I was the only one.  I am a far cry from an event photographer but always willing to help someone out when I can.

Ready, aim, shoot!

“Wear Confidence” is the motto of Femmebot owner, Tina Setia, who opened her second store at 494 Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair, NJ.  Her flagship store is at 201 E. Ridgewood Avenue in  Ridgewood, NJ


So if you are looking for some fun casual wear that can go from day to evening, you should take a peek at their fall styles and support your local businesses.   Visit Femmbot’s  website to see what, where and when their next event is.


Tina Setia (back center) with her bevy of lovely models.


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