Without art, earth is just eh…

Standing Rock, I am standing with you in solidarity.  Tomorrow November 15th, I will be a part of a greater cause.  I will be counted among others who believe in saving this planet. NO DAPL.  I will not be silenced by my government.  Lives are at stake and I thank you for the sacrifices that you have made and continue to make to save mother earth.


To my friends, I urge you to call your state representatives and tell them that the Army Corp of Engineers must stop construction of the pipeline that will run through native American lands and under the Missouri River.  Urge them to open this discussion with President Obama to look towards renewable, sustainable sources of energy instead of fracking and drilling fossil fuels.  We have seen the devastating effects of oil spills and the striping away of mountain sides.

I will be at 26 Federal Plaza, NYC tomorrow 4:30 – 6:30pm in front of the Army Corp of Engineers Building.  PLEASE join and make your voice heard.  NOTE:  Assemble at the fountain in Foley Square – 111 Worth Street South (end of Thomas Paine Park)

Our water and lives are at stake.  The infrastructure and our aquifers are in danger.

I’ll just have a tall glass of ice cold oil, please.  Said no one EVER!

Pilamaya, lila pilamayaye (thank you very much in lakotha/dakota)





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