Recipe for a photo shoot…

  • 90 lbs  of beauty
  • a heap of talented MUA (make-up artist)
  • a dash of photographic technique
  • 30 gallons of warm water (reserved)
  • 1/2 gallon of whole milk (reserved)

Blend dry ingredients, mixing in some flair

Click the shutter until desired outcome


Add water as needed for effect



Then add milk




My underwater photography sessions ended in September when the cooler weather entered the scene.  It was time to come indoors again.  It took a little scheduling magic to finally get a shoot date that worked for my model, Charlotte, make up artist, Ara and me.  After having a beautiful baby in May, Ara was ready to start up again in Nov.  Charlotte is juggling graduate school, dance and modeling in her spare time.

I had a few concepts that I wanted to create and having worked with both Charlotte (underwater) and Ara before, I knew that I would get what I was looking for.  They did not disappoint.

What I like about Ara’s work is that she isn’t only about beauty make-up but theatrical looks which includes using latex, blood and gore.  She’s so talented. Charlotte is simply beautiful (inside and out) and so easy to work with.  She strives to bring a bit of magic to any shoot.  What a wonderful collaboration with these lovely young women.  They make it look easy.





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