Going out on a limb…

If you don’t take chances, how will you know if you will succeed?  You don’t!  So I am pulling together another fashion shoot but the main focus is on hats/headpieces with a “Vogue” fashion feel in mind.

Tuesday, I met with a young designer, Fatima.  I gave her some ideas of what I’d like her create and some materials that I had on hand or purchased at my local thrift shop.  Some of Fatima’s creations will be wraps and turbans.  She was excited to work this paper that I had.  The paper was used in a shipment I received years ago instead of foam peanuts,  I loved it and have saved it for years waiting for an opportunity to use it for something beside an overlay for wrapping paper.



Friday, I met with Helena Rose, a designer/stylist from Australia, who travels the world, creating and working with fashion photographers, models and HMUA.  Her portfolio is strong. Her personality is vivacious.

I’ve worked with Ara, my go-to make up artist.  She’s talented and so easy to work with.

Click on their names to take you to their websites.

I’ve a number of interested models with 3 scheduled (so far) for next Sunday’s shoot.  With Fashion week coming up in Feb, a lot of fashion models are busy with calls, fittings and just trying to get to strut their stuff on a notable runway.

New York is a hard town to break into for any industry.  Fashion is no different.  Most designers have day jobs in their fields. Some are pattern makers, others work for designers in hopes of getting their work seen.  Working directly with photographers is another avenue to success because in collaborating we are also networking.  And the final credited images hopefully will become part of several portfolios and websites.



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  1. I spent a lot of time to find something similar to this

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