Rain delay…

A couple weeks of rain delayed my shoots but a forecasted day of sunshine Sunday had me booking 2 models.  Stacey was able to re-arrange her schedule and Charlotte was free so I made the most of it.  Stacey took a page from Kim Gainer, a MUA that we worked with last shoot and did some over the top applications on herself.

Its so much fun to work with these talented, beautiful ladies.  Stacey is an accomplished actor.  Check out her clips.

Charlotte is a performer of contemporary dance and model, I’ve worked with on numerous occasions and can’t wait to see her perform on stage.

IMG_2188 copy copy

IMG_2038 copy copy

IMG_2069-2 copy copy

Coral ribbon gown and irridescent green gown designed specifically for my underwater sessions by Janel Carton
IMG_2008 copy
IMG_2050 copy

A little sun and a lot of fun.  Thanks Arline for enabling me to pursue my creative dreams.  You open up your home and pool to me and are always a gracious hostess.

More to come…

Mary Durante-Youtt



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