something about mary

I am a fine art photographer.  I have always dabbled in the arts.  Although I live in NJ, I have always been a New Yorker at heart.  I love the people, the places and above all the culture and arts.  Art in all forms.

I parlayed my work experience into my personal endeavors of photography and print- making.
At the age of 56, I retired and pursued my dreams once again.

My images will connect to you and touch each of you differently and they will have you walk away with your own version of the story I started…I try to capture the feel, the essence – the very being of my subject, whether it’s a portrait of a child, a friend or a stranger.  In my cityscapes, I want you to hear the footsteps on a quiet street or to look closely at the ordinary moments that we all tend to rush past without stopping to notice.  This is how I look at life, at the intimate details that sometimes go unnoticed: the bright smile of a child, the hardships that some people have witnessed, the sheer joy of a dancer or the beauty of nature when you take a closer look.  This is what I want to share and that is why I will continue on my path.   If you have a few moments, take a look at my website:  Mary Durante Youtt –   Feel free to linger.


5 responses to “something about mary

  1. Catherine Antoine

    Bonjour Mary,
    I LOVE your blog and the many articles and subjects you tackle with brio and heart. Thank you!…
    I saw you mentioned me in your article about Vladimir`s exhibit last friday, you`re so sweet!… 🙂
    I am glad to have met you and Jene and hope to see you soon again.
    I will send you a request on Facebook.
    Have a lovely day and A bientot!

  2. Hello,

    I would like to send you a press release for my solo art show in two weeks. where should I send the press release? Loce the blog!

  3. I Just wanted to say hi and how much I like your site.

    I found you inadvertently when doing a google search for
    Maria Antonietta Mamel.

    Ironically, reading your blog I found we have a few things in common: I also have a photo in the “True Stories” exhibit in VT and I’m a late bloomer Photography-wise as well.

    Great to “meet” you. Love your “True Story” photo.


    • My website is correct here. 🙂

    • Thanks Russ,
      Small world isn’t it. I was hoping to go to the opening but my husband has a lighting design to do on the 11th and possibly another on the 12th. I’m assisting him. He is a photographer also but earned his living in the entertainment industry. I checked out your website and liked what I saw. Really nice work.

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