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Hats off to the team

Sunday’s shoot was a crazy, fun time.

I had purchased a traditional bowler hat at Goodwill for @ $6.50, some gold leafy twigs at Michael’s and a roll of black black netting on sale 70% off,  a  small twig wreath and bird nest type of material and a can of gold spray paint.  Helen created the natural looking nest and dyed the eggs in tea.  She repurposed the felt bowler, reshaped it and embellished it with the leaves.  The gold leaves were very fragile, she crushed and glued them to the cap that she fashioned.  Sprayed the hat lightly with gold paint and viola!

She cut long lengths of netting, twisted and stitched it into place creating 2 different designs.  Twigs were added to one of them.

I also had yards of gauze which Helen fashioned into another hat. (we didn’t get to shoot).

Payton was the first to arrive, we chatted for a few moments before the door bell starting ringing.  Soon models were trying on various outfits and the looks were chosen.

A quiet Anisa was the first to arrive.   A white theme was chosen and she donned the bird nest hat.  But this was an epic “fail”.  Ara didn’t have white lipstick and so we all agreed to try the white body paint on her lips.   It didn’t work and for some reason and my lighting was off.  The beauty dish was sporadically flashing, triggering the other lights although I didn’t even press the shutter. Weird, but I found out the next day that it may have been caused by the triggers dangling.  (Jene sits them up on the lights).  I’m a far cry from a retoucher and I don’t know how to alter a matte finish  to give it a little gloss, but Anisa and I will schedule a re-shoot.  Sometimes things don’t work out as you planned.  I am totally bummed.  I’ll be doing plenty of internet research looking for retouching tips to see if I can improve my level of retouching.  The concept was to give her an icy, wintery look.  She is gorgeous and I don’t feel like I did her justice.



© Mary Durante Youtt (Photography), Helen Maalouf  (Helena Rose Designer/Stylist),
Payton Holbrook (Hair Stylist), Arasy Ara (Make-up), Anisa Laone (Model)


Caitie, rocked two Helena Rose creations.


© Mary Durante Youtt (Photography), Helen Maalouf  (Helena Rose Designer/Stylist),
Payton Holbrook (Hair Stylist), Arasy Ara (Make-up), Caitie MacMillan (Model)

More to come…





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Answering a model’s SOS call…

I was hoping to schedule an underwater shoot Friday with model Kimber D.G. (I shot her twice before and she actually has underwater experience.  She quickly texted me back saying Friday she was busy.  Then a text asking – can you do a fashion shoot on Saturday?  A friend, who is a designer had no usable images from the last photographer’s shoot.  EEK!!!!  So a reshoot was scheduled.  Kim is such a sweetheart,  I couldn’t say no.   The other photographer will be there to make things right.  (Hey Sh*t happens to all of us), so I guess I’m sort of a back-up shooter.

I looked at House of Sadia’s website for an idea of what type of apparel I will be shooting and Kimber send me 3 images from a shoot done at the designer’s house, whic.  Now all I need to do is come up with a concept or campaign style.

I pulled some swipe from the NY Times Fall Fashion Magazine to inspire me because I like to have some sort of concept in mind and I’m a far cry from being considered being a fashion photographer.

I arrived at 12:30, the crew was busy, Nicole Pigott was applying the final makeup touches on Caitie,  Kasha Reavis (stylist) was fitting Kimber and Sadia and I discussed her spring line and the looks she wanted to create.  The other photographer had not arrived yet, he would be there around 2:30.

It had all the markings of a slumber party.  A bunch of chit-chat, trying on clothes, doing hair/make-up, moving furniture around and lots of laughter.

Time to get down to business.  Sadia’s designs “Leather & Lace” (I’m not sure if that’s what her spring line is called, but that’s the material used).



The images need to be color corrected but I first want to send the files over to Sadia for her selects before I balance colors or do any retouching.

I mixed some straight forward shots with some more playful ones.  After all, girls just wanna have fuunn!



IMG_4228 copy copy






IMG_4448 copy copy

IMG_4520 copy copy


The shoot was over and I was about to leave when Kim asked if I would mind staying to shoot some risqué boudoir.  Hey, why not.  Something different for my portfolio.  

The girls wanted to be vampy and Nicole applied different make-up and put some curls in their hair.  Kimber and Caitie donned slip dresses and up to the bedroom we went.



Everyone loved the images as we peeked at them in camera.  I guess I can add editorial and boudoir to my genres.  Thanks ladies, I think we made a very good team and I hope to shoot with all these beautiful/talented women again soon.

You really should look to House of Sadia collections when you have the need to dress up and  paint the town red.  Affordable haute couture…

Now to get down to the real work – editing.

Mary Durante Youtt









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Full house…

Monday was my mega 1/2 day photoshoot.  Misfits – all dressed up and no place to go. The gist of the shoot is that they were stood up on a big night out, so they start doing laundry, bring a bag of trash out, roll up the rug – sweep the floor, blow out her BD cake candles and eats it by herself because no on came to her party.   Everyone thought it would be a fun project and so the collaborating teams formed.  What they would get also would be glamour/beauty head shots for their portfolios.

4 models showed up, 2 no-shows.  Oh well, it’s probably better.   2 MUAs and 2 hairstylists arrived on time at 12:30, the models straggled in 1/2  hour late (trains issues).  The 3rd MUA was schedule to arrive at 2.

Olga (model) teamed up with Lea (hair) and Kathy (MUA).  Olga donned the red shimmery gown.

She was the first on set. With laundry basket in hand, we shot in the hall, basement then on set.

IMG_2948-2 copy

IMG_2916 copy copy


IMG_2965 copy copy


Olga asked if she could also wear the black gown, sure- why not.  Lea whipped up another hair-do and Kathy did a quick change on her eyes and lips.

IMG_3210 copy copy

IMG_3241 copy1


I spent yesterday and this morning editing through all the wonderful images I captured of Olga.   Now onto Lisette’s.



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