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Summer time…

My favorite season is when the pools open and the weather turns warm and sunny.  Yesterday was my first underwater shoot of the season.  YAY!!!

Another collaboration with a talented MUA, Gabby and a lovely young model, Raiza.  Unfortunately Gabby couldn’t join us at the pool because of prior commitments, another time perhaps.

Raiza, although not a swimmer, was up for the challenge and put aside her fears of being in the deep end because she thought the concept was wonderful and wanted to add to her portfolio.    IMG_9136 copy copy

IMG_9141 copy copy

These are my favorites

IMG_9180 copy copy


IMG_9209 copy copy

All images are the copyright property of the artist Mary Durante-Youtt


The weather was perfect, as was the temperature of the 80 degree water.

Thanks Arlene for the use of your home and pool.  Most of all, thank you for supporting my artistic endeavors.  I couldn’t do this without you.


And so it begins… another season of shooting underwater fashion.


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Beauty in the underworld…

It’s amazing the beauty that can be found underwater.  Just close your eyes and let your body submerge into the depths. Drifting downward as if in a dream.  Open your eyes and behold… Venus, the goddess of the sea.

IMG_8043 copy copy

I’m so happy that my beautiful niece wanted to come play in the pool with me today.  This is my favorite image.  If it were the only one I captured, I would have been fine with that.

The sun darted in and out of the dark clouds, reeking havoc with my settings.  And we got a late start giving us about an hour before the shade of the trees crept over the pool.

IMG_8065 copy copy

A costume change or two and we were done for the day.

IMG_8102 copy copy

IMG_8152 copy copyIMG_8163 copy copy

Thank you for entering an ethereal world with me.


Mary Durante Youtt


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