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Into the depths of the deep blue…

we go.

This photoshoot was pure joy.  Model, Giordano is both adept at modeling on dry land and completely comfortable being underwater.  This was his first underwater shoot but you wouldn’t know it.  He admits that as a performance artist, he loves being in the limelight.  He moved through the water with ease and grace and made hard work look like a piece of cake.

IMG_7977 copy

IMG_7834 copy copy

IMG_7843 copy

IMG_7847 copy

IMG_7853 copy copy

IMG_7861 copy

IMG_7870 copy

IMG_7876 copy copy

IMG_7887 copy copy

IMG_7890 copy copy

IMG_7938 copy copy

I could shoot him for days and not be bored.  He has a James Dean look about him and was born to be a star.  Visit his website Giordano

I know, sometimes it sucks to be me…  He was so much fun to work with and believe me, shooting underwater is work.  Honest  😉

I love what I do…

Mary Durante Youtt



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