coming full circle

It seems life sometimes gets in the way and the days just fly by becoming months whose pages flitter off the calendar.  But it is all good as experiencing life is what it is all about.

I wasn’t sure how to tell all my friends at the same time – Jene and I are getting married.  While we were in Vermont this past May for a group art exhibit, Jene searched for his ancestral relatives.  Finding some civil war family in a cemetery.  He decided to do headstone rubbings and I wandered off to take photos.  I returned to lend him a hand. He was very nonchalant, on bended knee when he said So what do you think?  Want to become a part of this crazy family.  WTF,  I started to laugh because it was all so sudden and I couldn’t believe that he was serious. Are you asking me to marry you?   Yes. Would you like to get married.  Would you marry me? Did this just pop into your mind at the cemetery?  He had been thinking about asking me fora couple of months and so I took a couple of months to answer – yes.

We decided on a few things – setting a date for stating our vows in a private ceremony in front of a few close friends and family.

The month of Sept is half way between our birthdays, Jene wanted a day when the moon is waxing because like seeds that are planted during a waxing moon, they grow stronger and faster.  We are gathering on my front lawn and stating our intent to each other.  We will chain a lock around sweet willie, the willow tree we planted, lock it and throw away the key.  The symbolism behind this is that we have given each other our hearts, locked them, and will throw away the key so that no one can steal our hearts away.  We thought about tossing the key from the GWB – we have traversed for years to be with each other.

(There is a walking bridge in Paris – Pont des Arts where lovers exchange their intentions, attach a padlock and throw the key into the Seine River.   That was my inspiration for our commitment ceremony to each other).
We plan a cross country road trip to CA where my dear friend Denise will officiate our marriage in Mendocino.  If all goes well we will be married on the anniversary of our first meeting.  November 4th (also a waxing moon).

He is my soul mate, best friend, lover and  partner.  And he wants to announce it to the world.  I am happy and looking forward to the many more great adventures of Jene & Mary.
La vita bella!


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